Theoretical Particle and Astro-Particle Physics Theoretical Particle and Astro-Particle Physics


The group remembers Peter E. Kaus (1924 - 2016), friend, colleague, and one of the early members of the particle theory group at UC Riverside. Here is Peter's ACP presidential essay.

Particle Theory Logo

The group logo is inspired by a pie chart showing the fraction of the universe's energy density that is contained in dark matter. The gray slice and yellow path also represent the San Jacinto mountains and the Santa Ana river that surround Riverside, California. The blue and yellow motif and the silhouette of a bear nod to the University of California system. The 'R' is characteristic of UC Riveriside. The yellow path becomes a Feynman diagram and, on the left are globes that signify the Keck telescopes; these highlight the particle and astro-particle nature of our research. Designed by Flip Tanedo, 2016.

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